Super Unit (2019) - Comedy Short directed by Jack Carrivick

Urn (2018) - Horror Short for Hulu directed by Ben Steiner

My Time (2018) - Coming of Age Drama directed by Giulia Gandini

News Crack (2018) - Channel 4 Satirical Comedy TV Pilot by Mother's Best Child

Rogue Trooper (2018) - 2000AD based short fan film directed by Adam Kirley

Clanker Man (2017) - Award Winning Comedy short directed by Ben Steiner

The Smell of Petrol (2018) - Short Drama directed by Branko Tomovic

Family Portrait (2016) - Award Winning Gothic Period Drama directed by Kelly Holmes

Fibs (2014) - Coming of age drama directed by James Sharpe

Special Delivery (2018) - Short Drama directed by Giulia Gandini

New Year (2017) - Film London drama directed by Lauren Bensted